To Get the Most out of StockChase

To get the most out of StockChase

  1. Register with us. This is important so we know who you are when you log in, and so we know what options you have enabled.
    1. Make sure you opt in to charts, as this will provide you with a better understanding of how a stock performed after an expert has commented on it. (positively or negatively)
    2. Make sure you opt in to emails, and set up your email schedule. You can schedule your emails to come daily or weekly.
    3. Emails will be sent showing the top picks for the time period of your schedule, or for anytime an expert has mentioned a stock in your portfolio.
  2. If you currently own stocks add them to your portfolio, to be able to see what the experts have said about your stocks. 

See companies that you own or are interested in and see what the experts have been saying about them.

Use Find Company or Quick Company Search to find your stocks. The comments by experts are listed by date so the most recent comments are at the top. 

To see what experts are excited about recently.

  • Use the Find Opinions/Recent Opinions to see the last few days comments. The comments are ordered by symbol alphabetically. 
  • If you find an expert who is saying things you agree with, click on his name and see all that he has been talking about.
  • If you find a company that interests you, click on the company name and see what all the experts have to say. Sometimes multiple opinions are very useful in making a decision. 

 Make your Opinion heard.

  1. Experts have been wrong before. (look at their history on this site if you don't believe me!) If you think an expert doesn't quite grasp the situation with a stock, put a comment in their opinion. 
  2. Give an opinion the thumbs up or down.
  3. If you really like an expert give him a thumbs up or a thumbs down if you don't like him.  Leave a comment to explain why.
  4. If you like or dislike a company give it a thumbs up or down, and leave a comment!

Learn to use Table Views

The table views are very powerful. You can filter by date, price or any field.  To do this just enter the filters you want, and in one of the text fields push enter, or click the far right button.