It has under-performed but the near term outlook for China is favourable for Canada Goose. The recent uptrend should continue based on investors' recession views - deep or not. The second question was on Maple Leaf Foods. It had a massive drop of 16% last week which provides an opportunity to buy.
It is a multi-faceted company and has held up in spite of the short-term drop in oil prices. Favourable in the near term but in the long term it is questionable where oil will go.
integrated oils
It is choppy and range-trading. It has had an interesting pick-up in the past few weeks but could drop depending on the Fed interest rate decisions.
other services
The question was on the outlook for gold. It should be doing better but the strong U.S. dollar holds it back. However the U.S. dollar should see some weakness in the next year. A strong dollar is not good for emerging markets and trouble in these markets is not good for the U.S. Bitcoin will not replace gold.
It is too expensive now to buy so wait for a pullback. The fundamental outlook for the sector is good.
He still likes it even though it has had some issues. There are strikes in the U.K. and the potential for anti-trust regulations in the U.S. It is not just a consumer stock. The cloud services section is vibrant and has strong growth potential.
specialty stores
It has had problematic headlines. It has settled a lawsuit but another is coming. It should have done well but it has too many issues.
specialty stores