Latest Stock Buy or Sell?

Today, Bryn Talkington and Stephen Weiss, Founder, Short Hills Capital Partners commented about whether MRNA-Q, XPO-N, JIGB-Q, COIN-Q, ABBV-N, DVN-N are stocks to buy or sell.

The Nasdaq has been very oversold. Today, the smallcap techs are especially ripping. All tech still has so far to run. But sentiment in the short term at least has shifted. We'll see if the intraday rally holds by the close. This won't be a quick bounce like Dec. 2018 and March 2020, but rather a paradigm shift with a slower grind going forward. Be patient. But don't pivot out of growth and into free cash-flow companies.
She bought this yesterday when it fell 11%, because she's very bullish energy. They're buying back shares, lowering their debt, have a 16% free cash flow yield (S&P is 5%) and raised their dividend to 8%. They check all the boxes. She paid around $62 to hold it long term.
oil / gas
People want cash flow and now cash burn now. Biotech is bouncing like cryptos. You can buy this of IBB, but there are huge opportunities in biotech.
Sold off strong this week, but rebounding huge today. She's bullish cryptos, and is taking a long-term view. In the next month or so, she's keeping an eye on the regulatory environment before adding more. Wants to see the sector settle down first.
Financial Services
Long-duration corporates have had their worst sell-off since March 2020 and time to recover. Pays a 4% yield.
Even their great quarter isn't reflected in their valuation.
As bearish as he is, he's been expecting a bounce like today. Volatility remains high and he will remain bearish. Inflation will persist as well lower earnings revisions. But now you can buy stocks selectively, just not wholesale.