$690 is the new price target, or 13% higher. She she still loves it. Both guidance and shares rose last Friday. The guidance surprised analysts who are this week are scrambling to upgrade it. She sees upside, though not as much as this year's increase. $690 is reasonable. TF benefited from more Covid testing. Goldman just upgraded it. Management always delivers. It boasts 8% organic growth and will grown into 28s earnings. She's happy.

electrical / electronic

Pays a 4.25% yield and rising interest rates will be positive. A regional U.S. bank.


He's buying this week's dip including Facebook, Skyworks and Cleveland Cliffs. He holds 35% cash. Some stocks he bought were down 20% this week, far below Monday's dip. Copper prices will remain stable. However, steel prices are so high, so Cleveland Cliffs is merely a short-term buy and he's looking for an exit if prices partially recover.


He's buying this week's dip. These shares fell to $30, which is obscene compared to other carmakers. Overall, FedEx and Nike are talking about supply chain issues which he hears is worsening, not improving, as rising wages will narrow margins. So, he will likely return to high cash levels.


He's buying this week's dip. Dick's is down on today's Nike news about supply chain constraints. Dick's stock is very cheap and the managers offered good guidance.

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Market outlook He expects another rollover coming. He's buying this week's dip, but he's cautious. Tapering will begin at some point, but he sees signs that the pandemic is ending. This means the Fed won't need to continue its pandemic supports. No, he doesn't expect the sky to fall next week or month. He holds a barbell portfolio, but favours upside short-term. Momentum is still there.


He just bought it. It's cheap at 10x forward earnings. They're in a hot business--a in logistics and supply chains. A very cheap stock. They've gotten into new markets. It's low-risk given the low multiple. They will guide to an earnings number of $10/share. Earnings will be released on Wednesday. This is a long-term hold.

electrical / electronic