He predicts money will flood into America (and its dollar) in the coming years. He's overweight US dollars. Where else can you go? Europe? Japan? No. We're entering earnings season, thank goodness, and not headlines. He doesn't know if Trump will be re-elected, contrary to the consensus that he will.
Eight or so months ago he recommended selling VET. $12.90 is his model price, far lower than current prices. Pays over a 13% yield. There's more bottom to mid/small-cap oil stocks.
oil / gas
What's not to like here? His model price is $123.20, much much lower than current prices. Buy at $138, though. He would own Visa. Continue to hold. This will go higher with the payments sector.
other services
$16.29 is his model price. They can sustain their yield, but it theatens to fall. Sell at $11.05. Watch carefully. This is good risk-reward for a trader. It's trying to bottom, but he doesn't know where this is going. He likes it. If it break here, it'll fall to $9.50.
oil / gas
$0.62 is his target price. Little good news here. The dividend should be cut and write-offs need to happen. Wait till their November earnings before pulling the trigger.
oil / gas
Trading so high above its fundamental value. DOL doesn't really have a real balance sheet, no real equity. $15.86 is his target price, 66% below the current price. But this should be in a long-term portfolio, because people will pay anything for growth and he sees growth here.
Consumer Products
He's long recommended this. Apple hit a a new all-time last week, close to his model price of $244.51. He's trimming his position as the stock rises. Hold or buy.
electrical / electronic