They carry some debt. Pays a 6.6% dividend. It's underperformed in the past year, because they made a big US acquisition, and the FDA punished and targeted this sector until its bosses changed a few months ago. Ex-dividend, BTI generates $1.5 billion free cash flow, which will pay down debt aggressively. Has a good history of dividend growth. This may not climb immediately, but you can collected the dividend until then. He likes it.
If you bought this a few years, you have done very well. But US growth has flatlined, which is a big challenge. Abroad, as in the UK and Canada, there is heavy coffee competition from other chains. China drinks tea, so penetration into that territory is limited. He missed buying this, but won't buy it now--it's too rich.
food services
This is a big question mark. It comes down to whether Trump will be re-elected or not--and the China-US trade war endures. Cisco will benefit if Trump contains China--and Huawei, a competitor of Cisco's. It can go either way. He wouldn't invest either way because there's too much politics involved.
electrical / electronic

It's an airline-leasing company. Has low price-to-book, but a lot of leverage--and we're late in the cycle. This means that companies that finance like this one tend to get a rollover during a recession. So, deep-dive into their loan book. If you want to buy a financing stock, then look at Bank of America instead. Or buy this at the bottom of a recesstion, not now.

transportation equip & components
Their business is optimized at below-$50/barrel oil while energy prices are slowing creeping higher. Safe dividend over 5% and there's growth ahead. (Analysts’ price target is $50.32)
integrated oils
You get 7-8% return with share buybacks. A good chart. Prices are rising in the insurance business (Munch provides insurance to insurance companies). This rarely dips, so now is a good time. (Analysts’ price target is $212.13)
They're in the middle of an acquisition, so they cut the dividend and are waiting for regulatory approval. If that doesn't happen, VOD will raise their dividend. Their large Indian subsidiary is an opportunity. Brexit has pressured VOD, so these levels are attractive. (Analysts’ price target is $24.27)