Latest Stock Buy or Sell?

Today, John DeGoey commented about whether ZWE-T, FLEM-T, CYBR-T, VCN-T, VFV-T, XEN-T, SPY-N, ZWH-T, XSEA-T, BHAV-T, VEE-T, VSP-T, ZWU-T, AAXJ-Q, ZCN-T are stocks to buy or sell.

This is factor-based ETF tilted towards small caps. They are underweight China, only 14%. This is good if you want to invest in emerging markets but are concerned about China.

ZWU or ZWE Both are good defensive strategies. ZWE: He's not that bullish on Europe, but at least you get income from writing the covered calls here. ZWU: Utilities are much less volatile and more stable, yet expose you to Europe. If you belive in Europe and playing defence, then both ETFs are fine. These two ETFs are highly correlated, rising and falling together. Note that utilities are risk-off, not for you if you have long-term bullish.