Markets. Thinks we are going to get a correction, but he is anticipating it will be more of a sideways consolidation phase. There is so much cash on the sidelines that every time these stocks tried to pull back, there is a wall of buyers that say “I could use a 3.5% or a 4% dividend” and you see cash coming into these big blue-chip stocks. At every opportunity they try to pull back, they meet with a wall of buyers, and the market sort of flips up a little bit, but doesn’t go anywhere. Feels the fundamentals support the pricing that we are seeing in that sideways pattern. Earnings in the last few weeks have been pretty well right on with what people were expecting. The longer trends are still pretty solid. We haven’t broken down through any of the major indices in the market. Oil stocks, because they have had such a big move, might go back a little more than the rest.


Have had a relatively tough quarter in that it is hard to sell popcorn if there are no people in the seats. There weren’t enough blockbusters. This is a very well run company and he wouldn’t be too concerned about it. Feels this is a good, solid, long-term investment.

other services

Likes what they are doing. It would be great if we can get some LNG to the coast and get some approvals, because this is one of the companies involved in one of the projects. They do things very well. If you are not sure, just Buy part of it and then add to it. 3.6% yield.

oil / gas

Looks at this one every quarter because it is cheap, but it doesn’t want to go up. Has some operational problems. If you own, Hold it for the dividend, otherwise just let the stock tell you when to Buy, which is when it starts to improve.

electrical / electronic

When you look at the pattern of many of these international banks, there is not a huge rush to be there yet. Let them turn up and show you some strength before you Buy. They are still working out difficulties in Europe. On the Russian-Ukrainian problem, a lot of banks are too levered into that, so it is not clear yet whether you want to be there.


Prefers Tata (TTM-N), which has Range Rover, Jaguar, trucks and buses all through the subcontinent in a huge way. Volkswagen is really interesting because of the China operations. They are the largest foreign manufacturer of vehicles in China. It has some potential but is so big. They have been turning it around. Have done some acquisitions that just haven’t gotten going.


Doesn’t own any stocks in this space. The good news is that this area is kind of an oligopoly and the 4 of them kind of control things. Feels this is the best stock in the sector. The longer chart shows they have had a beautiful run, and it is hard to argue with success.

telephone utilities