The largest cement producer in the Americas. Losing money for the last 4 years because they leveraged up on debt just before the financial crisis. They refinanced the debt in 2011. Not the best way to play Mexico because they floated their Latin American housing business as a separate subsidiary and that would be a better play. BNS-T might be an even better way to play Mexico.

cement / concrete

Stock plummeted when they cut the dividend in half. They can sustain the payout even with a contract running out. 8.2% yield.

management / diversified

Decent yield that has been growing and has grown well over the last year. You might get more bang for your buck with some of the insurers.

Business Services

This is a leveraged play on the state of demand for housing in the US. Bear in mind that it is very, very operationally leveraged so if it starts to slow down it is not one you want to be in.

misc industrial products

Has not been doing well because people are not buying a lot of Canadian issues. It has a decent balance sheet and several legs to stand on, but it is relatively volatile because it is a leveraged play on stock markets.

investment companies / funds

CEO is sounding worried about the outlook, so things must be looking pretty bad. Revenue should be contracting.

electrical / electronic

A reasonable way to play China as long as you are aware of what is in it. State owned companies don’t always do things in the best interests of the shareholder.