Stocks ended the first five trading days of 2019 higher, signaling that the new year can be positive for the market. The indicator is strongest when it falls in years when there’s a positive Santa rally and a positive month of January, and it’s said that the performance predicts the market’s direction for the year. Read more on CNBC.


Positive going into 2019? He was cautious going into 2018, de-risking portfolios, as we approached the late stages of the economic cycle. Some of those concerns came home to roost in the fourth quarter. Prices, valuation, and sentiment are markedly lower. Risks and rewards are more balanced for 2019. Recession risk is still out there, but we could still have a soft landing, and we have a cushion with contraction of P/E multiples last year.

The concerns of the old year are still present as well as the fear of a recession, but we could still have a soft landing.