With positive months in 2018 the healthcare sector definitely seems appealing to investors, with many companies offering solid balance sheets, attractive dividend yields, and upbeat outlooks. Read more which healthcare ETFs would be a good choice on Investopedia.

Which healthcare ETF? HHL or FXH. Both are covered calls and hold large U.S. healthcare (pharma, hospitals). Problem is, you’re sacrificing growth for yield (around 7% because of the covered call premium). Do you want growth or income? If not, look at XLV, a very low cost MER. He prefers the U.S. healthcare over Canada. Also, ZUH-T which has a Canadian dollar version, hedged and diversified. Note: Some ETF’s are more diversified than others; you want more than just pharma. Also, watch the cost (MER); he prefers under 15 basis points.

It’s depends on what you want-growth or income. The recommendation is to go for US healthcare ETFs.HHL or FXH are both covered calls. ZUH-T has a Canadian dollar version, hedged and diversified. Basically you want your ETF to be diversified.