S&P 500

Is there year-end rebound for the S&P? The next few weeks will be crucial for the S&P, as this time will determine whether this is a mere bounce, or if the script for an October bottom and year-end rally is playing out- writes the CNBC.

Ross Healy on the S&P 500

Where do you see the S&P 500 going? It’s right between 2,550 and 3,100, a nice trading range. The S&P will stay here, unless there’s a setback. He hopes there’s more downside so he can buy stocks cheaper. October is traditionally bearish, and this one was. Powerful resistance on the way down and powerful support on the way up.

A good range would be between 2,550 and 3,100. The recommendation is that if there is a down side here, use it as an opportunity to buy these stocks cheaper.