Regional or Big Banking

SeekingAlpha has an article explaining regional banks. Stocks are now valued fairly according to the article and regional banks have never been stronger. Regional banks differ from Wall Street Banks as they tend to stay close to their local market. Overall, the difference between the two bank types are big banks concentrate on profitability of each transactions, whereas regional banks see more long-term.

Kash Pashootan on Financials

Wall street banks vs smaller regional banks in recessionary environment? It depends if the earnings are coming from banking operations or wealth management and investment banking. You have to ask yourself what exposure you want to consumers. He feels pretty optimistic about the U.S. consumers primarily due to debt to income ratio being considerably lower in the U.S. vs Canada.

It depends whether banking operations and investing bring you income and what exposure you want to consumers. US banks are the recommendation here because the debt to income ratio is quite lower in the US.