Markets in 2019

2019 will probably bring us high valuations and lower incomes. Major concerns continue- that trade wars and Fed becoming too aggressive. Hear more about what market trends we can expect in 2019 on CNBC.

Kash Pashootan on Market Outlook

For almost a year now people have been talking about a correction coming. Because we’ve had 9 years of pretty strong gains in equity markets there is still optimism left in the market. Referring to Jerome Powell comment from the FED yesterday, after seeing just a small glimpse of good news we see buying coming back into the market. Looking at 2019 you have to ask yourself whether you are in the camp of things slowing down and being more defensive, or if that was just a little breather in the market and if we are going to get back to rosy days. He tends to be more conservative, thinks now is an ideal time to become more conservative heading to 2019. Doesn’t see the same type of growth catalyst for 2019. Not overly optimistic.

After the Fed’s comment we can see that people are buying again. We cannot say that we will have the same strong gains as before, it’s just a matter of being more conservative and cautious. The economy is still strong, but we’ll probably not have the same growth in 2019.