Investment Portfolio Management

U.S. equities are valued very high, and with current downturns, it could be valuable to reduce liquidity levels. SeekingAlpha has released an article on why you should be more defensive and what to consider in managing your investment portfolio. With rising interest rates, trade uncertainty and general pessimism, it is crucial to play defensively and to diversify your portfolio.

Mike Philbrick on Strategy

The current market dynamic tells him that the market is showing a lack of interest in bonds. Usually a sell off would have resulted in bonds rallying. ACWI and ACWV ETFs are indicative of global markets, and the current trends show we should be managing our portfolios in a very risk conscious way. We should expect higher volatility and lower returns on capital. The theme now is how to take a protective position with low volatility – reducing beta.

We should see higher market volatility and lower capital incomes, so investors should be very conscious about the risks that volatility brings.