RRSP – Pipeline vs Financial

RRSPs allow you to defer tax payment for the future. You can find more information on how RRSPs work here. Furthermore, to shield yourself from capital gains, put stocks with high growth potential in RRSPs to shield yourself until your income falls in retirement. Stocks that pay dividends should be put in a non-registered account.

Christine Poole on Choosing for RRSP

Pipeline or a bank for an RRSP? Buy an income stock in a non-registered account to get the dividend tax credit. Put growth stocks in an RRSP, so you can shield the capital gains for as long as possible. The pipelines pay a higher yield than banks. Put the banks in the RRSP and the pipelines in non-registered.

The recommendation is to put pipelines in non-registered account to get the dividend tax credit and to put the banks in the RRSP.