TSX Outlook

Analysts are warning that the TSX could further fall, after the IMF cut global growth expectations and many international markets fell. US – China trade wars, and struggling emerging markets are weighing heavily. Eight of the eleven sectors fell on Tuesday, reports the Globe and Mail. As investors move out of high-risk investments, sell-off losers during tax-loss season and further volatility in the world markets, the TSX might not have bottomed out quite yet.

Cameron hurst on TSX Outlook

He thinks the emerging market jitters is a leading indicator for market sentiment — an indicator of market liquidity.  Another indicator is peak debt issuance.  A lot of little signs, including slowing global growth.  He sees the cannabis mania as the play out of the “greater fool” theory.  He thinks the TSX is breaching keep support levels and thinks there is further down side yet to come.  He is 25% cash right now.

Markets are really connected now, that even investors in Canada have to be aware of what is going on in the world markets and emerging markets. We’ve seen peak debt issuance, tension in emerging markets and a slowing global growth, so there could be more rough days coming up.