Electric Car ETFs

Much like Marijuana stocks, many experts suggest to purchase individual stocks in order to play this sector. Since ETFs buy a large number of companies, if there aren’t many who operate in the space, it is better to bet on individual companies.

That being said, Global X Funds has launched the Global X Autonomous & Electric Vehicles ETF (DRIV) this year. You can see the fund summary here.

Tyler Mordy on Electric Car ETFs

Is there a good ETF for the electric car sector? Difficult to get a pure play. There is an automobile innovation First Trust Global Auto index ETF (CARZ-O). There is an upside potential. ETF are double edge sword in some regards because they offer the diversification but for sectors like this it is better to be a stock picker.

A recommendation for this would be First Trust Global Auto, but in general for this sector is better to be a stock picker.