REITs or Canadian Banks

REIT is a type of tax designation for corporations that invest in real estate. Traditionally, REITs tend to be negatively affected in rising interest rate climates. CNBC has an article critiquing this notion, stating that REITs have performed very favourably after the initial turn-down in response to rising interest rates. Yield is typically good, and the current climate may be a good time to buy.

Cameron Hurst on Canadian Banks and REITs

The Canadian yield curve is even flatter than the US yield curve. In addition, there’s a lot of stuff to be worked out on the Canadian mortgage front. He is neutral on the banks and would go to real estate and REITs before going to Canadian banks.

There are different opinions on Canadian banks, some don’t like them, and others invest in them for their US exposure, but REITs are recommended here as they are a much broader sector.