BBC News on Tesla

The BBC article on Tesla says that analysts are a bit sceptical about Musk pulling off the huge deal and making Tesla private. With not much details revealed about the funding side of the projects, the announcement said the price would be 420$ per share, making the whole value of the company about $70bn. It’s on us to wait and see the final decision.


David Driscoll on Tesla

Tesla, up 11% today. Going private at $420? Can Elon Musk pull it off? Yes, wouldn’t have made the statement without having funding lined up. Timing makes sense. In Musk’s best interests, since production is where they want, the 3 is ready to go. Doesn’t need the street any more to raise cash. Musk won’t have to deal with mundane matters, and defending himself against short-sellers, and can focus on getting the company commercially viable.

With production going well, there’s a chance that Elon Musk might not need public money anymore, together with his statement on Twitter- it’s probable that Tesla will be going private.