Investing in the FAANGs

There is on doubt that the FAANGs are a powerful collective. Together they own a combined market capitalization – bigger than those of some national economies, so they are the most popular tech stocks. But the debate is still here: are the FAANG stocks too popular? Read more about the FAANGs and why people invest in these stocks on Menyinc.


Norman Levine on FAANGs

FAANG stocks. These are growth/momentum stocks, and he is a value investor. These stocks are not for him. They have been great places to make a lot of money but at some point, the market will see them as overvalued. There have been other stock market favorites in the past. Looking at them provides a pattern: in the future, the FAANGs may or may not be the market leaders. People should enjoy them now, but only if they appreciate the risk.

The FAANGs have been great for making money, but in future investors might see them as overvalued, as they carry a certain portion of risk.