The intensity of success or failure is very high in Biotechnology industry. Companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars, on research and development for decades and can face no success. If they get hold of success, its intensity will be life changing for investors and company, at the same time failures burn huge amount of money and human efforts.

Every industry faces success and failures, however the drastic ups and downs that the biotechnology stocks witnesses is not possible in any other industry. If the fruits of a research and development reaches its patients, it will not only save their lives, it will turnaround the fortunes of the company and its shareholders.

Air and water pollution and global warming are indirectly impacting the health of many people and lately there is a vast increase in working people becoming lethargic due to unhealthy habits. All these ill effects are causing temporary and permanent health illnesses that require treatment and frequent and/or lifelong medication. Biotechnology companies with broad range of drugs in their kitty and strong pipeline of drugs is what you need to look in the biotechnology industry to add excellent value to your portfolio through Biotech stocks.

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Experts at Stock Chase has selected Biotechnology companies that has high prospects to generate sound earning results and strong investment return.

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Bruce Murray, CEO & Chief Investment Officer at The Murray Wealth Group recommends Medtronic Inc (MDT-N),

This does stuff mainly related to cardiovascular, diabetes, spinal implants and a lot of neurology stuff. The stock has been bouncing between $90 and $75. Has 4%-5% earnings growth. Dividend yield of 2.3%. (Analysts’ price target is $90.)

Medtronic Inc, received approval from U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its automated insulin delivery controlling sensor the Guardian™ Sensor 3 in February 2018. The company also received approval for its Resolute Onyx 2.0 mm Drug-Eluting Stent technology intended to treat patients with coronary artery disease (CAD) who have small vessels. The launch of these two products substantially increases the positive sentiment on the stock.

Mark Grammer, Managing Director & Portfolio Manager at Gluskin Sheff & Associates recommends Novartis AG (NVS-N),

“It is a very big company with a pipeline of 13 drugs that are close to approves that could be blockbusters.  They have drugs for heart failure that cardiologists are keen on.  They have an eye care drug.  They have a nice mixture of health care drugs.  Pharma is unloved but that is an opportunity he can see.  (Analysts’ target: $93.00).” 

Cameron Hurst, Chief Investment Officer at Equium Capital Management recommends Edwards Lifesciences Corp (EW-N),

“Valve replacement.  They have trans catheter valve replacements.  It is done in the least invasive way that the medical space has come up with.  It is all very positive.  They are well placed in a growing part of the healthcare market.  It is expected to double by 2021.  (Analysts’ target: $142.).”

David Baskin, President at Baskin Wealth Management recommends Becton Dickinson (BDX-N),

“Their acquisition closed at the end of the year and they now have a commanding position.  They will have great pricing power.  They are well managed.  (Analysts’ target: $245.00).”

Bruce Murray, CEO & Chief Investment Officer at The Murray Wealth Group recommends Astrazeneca P L C (AZN-N),

“Has an impressive line of new products that should hit the market over the next 10 years, in cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. They have underperformed for the last several years, and now is starting to turn the corner. Dividend yield of 4.28%. (Analysts’ Price Target is $38.)”

Due to changing lifestyles, increased number of factors having ill effects on human health and their growing intensity are increasing the usage and use cases of medicines for various diseases. Selecting the right Biotech candidates for your portfolio will drastically increases the chances of increased outperformance in terms of return compared to market performance.

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