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(A Top Pick Feb 07/19, Up 16%) He has really liked the apartment REITs because rents have been growing very nicely. The distributions are going up and you get a nice yield. There is a tone of money crowded into companies with high dividends but little dividend growth. Canada needs more rental housing.
(A Top Pick Feb 07/19, Up 48%) They are growing earnings at about 20% last year and next. The dividend has grown 20% per year over the last 5 years. These are the kind of companies to own in this kind of environment. He would own V-N and MA-N both.
(A Top Pick Feb 07/19, Up 35%) He sold last summer because there was too much volatility. It trades at 100 times earnings. It is a great business but had a bit of a pull back over the summer. He has stop losses on all his holdings. It is a great company but he had to come out in the summer on the pull back.
It is the best US rail you could own. It ties the gulf coast of the US to northern Mexico. US/Mexican trade is growing at about 13%. It has a secular growth backdrop with a cyclical re-acceleration. They have an internal cost reduction program that will take their operating costs down. We are going to get ratification of the North American free trade agreement. (Analysts’ price target is $165.76)
He is not a gold bug however he is big on structural themes and golds have been making a big turn. It would have the largest new deposit in the world. Theirs is a great asset in a group that is hated. He thinks we are into a reflationary cycle and the golds are set up to perform quite well. (Analysts’ price target is $11.97)