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(A Top Pick Aug 06/19, Down 17%) He stop-lossed at the end of 2019 when Disney started to underperform. He sees significant challenges here given its cruises and theme parks.
(A Top Pick Aug 06/19, Up 49%) They produce chips for storage and telecoms, so it's a cloud stock. A great performer. He owns a lot of semis stocks. He'd buy MRVL today, but there's near-term stress in tech, but semis are the strongest spot in tech.
(A Top Pick Aug 06/19, Up 33%) The gold trade has a lot of legs. AEM is well-loved in the U.S. AEM has done a great job of growing by investing effectively. It continues to be a buy for him, just last week.
The transport sector is starting to gain steam (see the IYT ETF), the rails have been the strength, and CP is the cream of the crop in rails. They've increased their dividend in a middle of a global pandemic, and have increased their guidance (i.e. YOY earnings growth). They improved their operating ratio this quarter. Volumes will pick up which will increase their margins. They transport mostly east-west resources, and we're at the bottom of the resource cycle. Offers good dividend growth, too. (Analysts’ price target is $389.49)
Long been a favourite pick. They've grown their dividend growing 25%/year over the last 5 years. Are growing same-store sales 2x the rate of GDP. Consumers have some cash to spend near-term, thanks to stimulus. Also, people can't travel, but are doing home improvements. Some weakness in selling to professional contractors, but home consumers have made up for that likely at a higher margin. (Analysts’ price target is $257.25)