David Burrows
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President & Chief Investment Strategist at
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(A Top Pick Sep 20/18, Down 15%) Since last year, the market collapsed by 20%. He used a stop loss on a pullback back in the fall sell off. He has bought back in again, but holds very little energy in the portfolio. He likes their giant global presence.
(A Top Pick Sep 20/18, Down 5%) He still owns this. The best bank in the US with a 15% dividend growth. He would buy again here. Yield 3%
(A Top Pick Sep 20/18, Down 8%) He continues to like the defense sector. He would buy again, but not yet. There are only two producers of major air planes. He would continue to hold.
He likes the consumer space and their thirst for digital content. They have had a nice bump up already. Earnings are reported tonight. For the next year they will do a good job on the execution for the direct to consumer space. They will leverage their content and sell to a global consumer. A great add to their products. They have grown the dividend by 15% annually for years. Yield 1.26% (Analysts’ price target is $155.19)
We live in a world of connective devices. The next theme will be 5G. Both Amazon and Microsoft are working with them to redesign the cloud. About 50% of their revenue comes from network services and 48% from data storage. (Analysts’ price target is $27.00)