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(A Top Pick Nov 20/19, Down 45%) Trade the market you're in, not the one you'd like to have. He got stopped out. Not that it's not a great company. If you're patient, you could be a buyer today. A lot remains to be seen. Long-term moving averages are flattening.
(A Top Pick Nov 20/19, Down 4%) Highest quality US bank, and possibly in the world. Sophisticated technology. Well managed. Set to benefit from a reflationary cycle. Strong capital markets business. Could buy here and hold for 10 hears. He'd buy again.
(A Top Pick Nov 20/19, Up 83%) Can continue to buy here. Attractive company. Has done well, and of course there could be a pullback. A big beneficiary of the upgrade chip cycle.
For the more conservative investor, but good dividend growth. Utility with the highest percent of renewable wind and solar energy. Dividend has grown about 12% over each of last 5 years, and should grow faster. Possible tailwind from Biden presidency. The way the stock's behaved, there's no other utility like it. Yield is 1.89%. (Analysts’ price target is $79.19)
Still likes the metals. Several year cycle ahead of us. Leader in the group. They have the second largest copper mine in the world, and there will be a deficit in copper supply, with prices going higher. Also look at Rio Tinto for iron ore and BHP. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $22.36)