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(A Top Pick Jun 27/19, Up 16%) The coronavirus pullback is short-term. They're adding routes. He's still buying it.
(A Top Pick Jun 27/19, Up 18%) Kansas City Southern and CP have both come out of multi-year consolidations and will benefit from a stronger economy and pick-up in trade.
(A Top Pick Jun 27/19, Up 5%) He got stopped out in late-fall 2019 when it pulled back. Industrials will do well this year, though.
In a strong sector, look for a stock that has a tailwind. They enjoy good returns and new in flows into mutual funds the last three months to reverse outflows. They boast earnings growth. In a strong market, owning an equity manager like this is a good idea. 90% of their revenue comes from advisory fees. (Analysts’ price target is $137.64)
They dominate graphics processor. Bi markets are videogames which amount to 50% of their revenues + gaming 25% + cloud 25%. AI is 5%, but they're a leader there, and 5% in self-driving which is emerging. This sector pays great margins. (Analysts’ price target is $255.76)