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(A Top Pick Jun 27/19, Down 66%) He sold Jan. 23 at a profit. It had rolled over. It is a wonderful airline among the airlines. If he were going to participate, he would buy their bonds, but it will take some time for the airlines to come back so it is not the place to put new money.
(A Top Pick Jun 27/19, Up 3%) This one has been resilient. He would continue to buy it. We have to move goods and it benefits from trade overseas. The relative strength has been quite good.
(A Top Pick Jun 27/19, Down 29%) He sold Oct 11/19. He would not be buying anything in the industrial space because as a hole they are in difficulty. Capital spending will be tricky going forward. The only industrial space he would look at going forward is automation and although they have a bit of this, you have to see the market believing we are getting to the other side of this.
This is the perfect time to build a concentrated stock-picker's portfolio. Now is not the time to own the whole market. The people who started using AMZN-Q over the crisis will not stop using it. They are about to go back to one day delivery. The stock itself consolidated for 18 months before it broke out recently. (Analysts’ price target is $2651.57)
He is not a gold bug but there is a time to own golds. It makes sense due to all the monetary stimulus and all the money printing around the world. They just raised their dividend 78%. They are about to start a new mine in Mexico. 90% of their production is up and running. It continues to be an under-owned group. (Analysts’ price target is $64.63)