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It's up 11% YTD, and has lagged TC Energy because of line 3 problems in the States. This will resolve itself eventually. Meanwhile, ENB has fixed its balanced sheet in the past year. It pays a 6.14% yield vs. 4% historic yield. (Analysts’ price target is $55.03)
It trades at a good 10x earnings with fine growth ahead. They're particularly growing in Asia. They're serial dividend inceasers, currently paying 4.1%. (Analysts’ price target is $28.74)
A pure growth story. It's been a stellar performer for him. Though it trades at over 30x earnings and pays only a 0.56% yield, you buy this for growth in the coming years. Visa is also in a tech ETF in the U.S. which helps the stock. (Analysts’ price target is $184.84)
(A Top Pick Jun 26/18, Down 2%) It's a little cheap vs. its peers and will catch up to the others over time. It needs to digest recent acquisitions, as their international operations come along. He's a little worried about Canadian mortgages, but a 5-7% return is respectible.
(A Top Pick Jun 26/18, Down 13%) He sold this at over $10, because it had run up so much for him and he didn't expect the China tariffs to get resolved anytime soon. Now, HBM is worth considering again as they transition to a new CEO.