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From May31 2006Then $14.63Still holding, would have done better if the tax law hadn't changed.Still expects a total return of low double digits over next 4 or 5 years, even if you bought now.
Then $38.12Weakness in housing and home improvement retailing. Has sold it.
Then $26.36Mortgage meltdown hurt it. Has bought significantly at recent levels.
Largest home builder in the US.Home building will be down 30% from it's peak in 2005, in number of homes constructed. He thinks we are at or near the bottom. They generate over a billion in free cash flow this year, which they will probably use to buy back shares later in the year, if they don't see an increase in their business or stock prices.It's trading at the low end of it's historic range, and you are going to get a good rate of return.
Sometimes is out of favor. Trading at 11 times earnings with a 4% dividend yield. Good return with limited downside.