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(A Top Pick Dec 31/20, Up 25%) Home renovation has benefited them. It is stronger than Lowes right now, because Lowes is going through some restructuring.
(A Top Pick Dec 31/20, Up 2%) They own the NYSE. They own the mortgage processing company in the US. Mortgages have been in huge demand as interest rates have been low. He owns a lot of it.
(A Top Pick Dec 31/20, Down 4%) Now they are getting into more integrated businesses, more like Loblaws. The change was a bit of a surprise. Markets don't like surprises. He continues to own the stock.
It is into earth. If you own the gravel pits then you dominate that market. It is expensive to transport aggregates very far. A lot of private gravel pits are thinking of selling due to US tax changes and so MLM-N is in a good position to grow. (Analysts’ price target is $348.36)
Air conditioning. Many A/C units are very, very old. They have a tremendous opportunity for growth. (Analysts’ price target is $278.17)