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(A Top Pick Jan 22/19, Up 12%) Not bad. Buffet remains a canny investor. His re-insurance business (among the best) is supporting this company, and he has a terrific portfolio of stocks. He's a believer.
(A Top Pick Jan 22/19, Up 9%) They're in a very competitive space with many booking vacations online. Also, the virus has hit them. But margins in this sector will be tight.
(A Top Pick Jan 22/19, Up 18%) He owns if for the dividend yield of 4.7%. Pure and simple. Happy to.
People hated airlines, but the industry has changed. You pay extra for everything. The industry has taken a hit during the outbreak which is temporary. It trades under 10x earnings, cheap. DAL is a low-cost cheap provider and not unionized. (Analysts’ price target is $69.85)
They own 35,000 single-family homes in the US southwest. TCN has scale; they can manage all these homes. They pay a 3.5% dividend and he predicts strong growth. Hard to copy this company. (Analysts’ price target is $13.45)