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(A Top Pick Oct 04/19, Up 7%) Has great assets like toll roads, airports, railways, seaports. Low interest rates mean that pension plans and lifecos have to buy into these types of assets to lock in long-term yields to meet obligations.
(A Top Pick Oct 04/19, Up 14%) Growth play and yield play. With 5G and smart cars, more equipment has to be mounted on towers. Not sexy, but steady. Sees a growing dividend over time.
(A Top Pick Oct 04/19, Down 5%) Will be opening all resorts in the Fall. Has both day use and overnight properties. Unique properties. Pleasantly surprised by its recovery since March. Can increase revenues by increasing prices and expanding services to its current user base.
Very steady, despite Covid. Healthy capital, continues to pay dividend. Deferred payments have dropped. Well placed as the economy recovers. Trading at 12x earnings. Big enough to not go up and down like a cork. Yield is 3.95%. (Analysts’ price target is $69.27)
With Covid, we all changed our habits. Has taken a lot of market share from small businesses. People want to shop once, in a big space. Everything's under one roof. Likes the membership plan and services like travel and delivery. Trading at an expensive 36x, but not a lot of businesses are comparable. Yield is 0.82%. (Analysts’ price target is $353.79)