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A political call since it’s a political year. The only thing republicans and democratic agree on is infrastructure. A nice piece for a portfolio to give stable growth.
Still bullish on growth. They are adding stores in Lululemon. They are doing everything right. A good way to play the retail sector. (Analysts’ price target is $240.13)
They have a great back-log and they are in a duopoly. The stock has a lot of challenges in the coming year. He’s doing a 6 month option.
(A Top Pick Dec 17/18, Up 30%) The covered call expired in July, which is why his returns were high. The stock has since plummeted with lots of challenges and changes in administration. If you did the option, then you did get the maximum amount and he got lucky.
(A Top Pick Dec 17/18, Up 3%) It’s a bond. Essentially, if you want a percentage of your portfolio in bonds, this is the way to do it. However, the interest rate has gone so low that the strike price came in.