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(A Top Pick Jul 03/18, Up 2%) He bought then expecting higher interest rates, but that didn't happen, so banks are getting squeezed. ZEB has good dividends from quality companies. The Canadian banks are misunderstood. Their fees come from fees and investment banking, not only mortages. ZEB is worth holding.
(A Top Pick Jul 03/18, Up 4%) It consists of American small-cap dividend-payers which are less sensitive to trading headlines. He likes the dividends from solid stocks.
(A Top Pick Jul 03/18, Up 7%) Half of it are the FAANGs; half are dividend-paying small-caps. Both were badly hit in Q4 -2018, but the FAANGs have yet to recover fully. But if the market continues to rise, the FAANGs will recover. Hold onto FDN.
It's been beaten up badly, but after the G20 summit, he expects it to bounce back. It's the Amazon of China and this is one way to play China. (Analysts’ price target is $281.88)
True, they're under a lot of scrutiny and are looking for a new CEO, but they have an excellent capital position and just passed their stress test. They've raised their dividend and he expects them to raise it by 10%. They just announced 11% stock buybacks. This will support the stock price. They won't get hurt as much by the squeezed margins on the yield curve. (Analysts’ price target is $51.48)