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(A Top Pick Nov 09/18, Up 19%)synthetic long Apple He bought a call and sold a put. It acted like the underlying stock. He didn't put up any money, and got a 60-cent credit right out of the gate. He closed everything last Friday and got $40.75/share--a huge win. He tamped that down and put up 30% margin. So, that 19% return would triple. He took that off the table though and simply bought Apple which was up 19%. He was being conservative.
(A Top Pick Nov 09/18, Up 7%) This will break out, has serious upside, and he expects a US-China trade deal.
(A Top Pick Nov 09/18, Up 2%) A covered call. Boeing is under the regulatory microscope for a good reason. He sold a call and made a modest profit even though the stock itself has gone down. Don't trade Boeing now, but do a call. Boeing has a long runway ahead, pun intended.
Synthetic long Amazon Buy 1800 call that expires Jan. 2021 at $224, sell 1800 put -$193, net $31/share, so $51 cost out of pocket. Amazon is the best consumer play around.
Synthetic long Microsoft Buy January (2021) 145 call at $14.50, sell Jan (2021) 145 put at -$15.40, net $0.90/share. MSFT is a great company shooting on all cylinders. It has a great shot scoring the US government contract for cloud services (Trump doesn't like competitor Amazon/Bezos).