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(A Top Pick Aug 02/18, Up 8%)A covered call. Bought at $201.50, sold 201 at $(6.54), net cost $195.05, now $210.48 A covered call. Bought at $201.50, sold 201 at $(6.54), net cost $195.05, now $210.48. He's holding onto this. Apple is going well and the CEO has the ear of Trump.
(A Top Pick Aug 02/18, Down 6%)A covered call. Bought at $338.50, sold 360 at $(21.50), net cost $317, now $210.48. The streaming landscape has changed with more competitors entering this sector. Netflix is spending a whack of money on new shows. They could have a rough road.
(A Top Pick Aug 02/18, Up 7%) He's holding onto this. It benefits from momentum stocks like Shopify and Square.
Covered call: buy at $30.70, sell January 30 calls at $4.30, net per share $26.40. After taking the backseat to Intel, they now have some of the best chips on the market in both PCs and gaming. Their great run will continue; he sees little downside. However, because they are volatile, their option premiums will be pricey. If AMD stays flat or rises, you get 13.6% over 4 months.
A partial covered call. Buy 200 shares at $107.25, sell 100 and get $4.55, net $105.08/share. And let the other 100 shares run and enjoy the upside. And you're paid a nice dividend similar to Canadian banks.