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(A Top Pick Dec 10/19, Up 68%) They were restructuring and were cheap, then benefitted big during Covid as deliveries soared. It's no longer cheap. He sold after its big move.
(A Top Pick Dec 10/19, Down 40%) Of course, he didn't foresee oil prices going negative (in April). CPG is not in a bad position here. North of $40/barrel, they can generate decent cash flow. It's decent.
(A Top Pick Dec 10/19, Up 22%) John Chen should get CEO of the year award. They've generated cash flow all along. BB gets no respect from investors. Recently, they got a boost with the Amazon self-driving car deal. The balance sheet is good with net cash. He likes it and has added to it. This is a great long-term play in cybersecurity.
He likes all the telecoms: stable earnings, good dividends with growth, free cash flow growth and well-positioned for 5G. He owns all the telcos, but Shaw's PE is the cheapest. This sector is a screaming buy. Shaw has paid down debt so the balance sheet is much better. (Analysts’ price target is $27.33)
The banks lagged this past year, but their earnings delivered as capital markets delivered. Interest rates have hurt this year, but should tick higher in the future. The banks hold excess capital. They've more than covered loan-loss provisions. They will buy back shares again and do acquisitions. He now likes Canadian banks for the first time in a while. (Analysts’ price target is $120.16)