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(A Top Pick Mar 20/19, Down 36%) He's sticking with it. MFC, back to 2008, was much more sensitive to the markets than today. They de-risked their balance sheet. They're getting hit now because of exposure to Asia. He believes MFC will come out of this and do quite well.
(A Top Pick Mar 20/19, Down 67%) This one hurts. It's higher risk/reward vs. Suncor, but they are lowering their dividend and capital program. He'd rather they completely remove the dividend.
One of the few companies with good newss--people are cleaning out the shelves at Loblaw (and other supermarkets). Shoppers will stay open early for seniors. During worry about the Choice REIT not getting its rent from Loblaw. After a few years of turning around, Weston is improving and coming out with better sales. (Analysts’ price target is $124.00)
It's rare to buy RY at 1.5x book plus get paid a yield over 5%. It's the most diverse bank and large in everything they do. If there are higher provisions for loan losses, they are one of the least-sensitive of the banks. (Analysts’ price target is $105.13)
It's held up relatively well. They have a $19 billion plan to build in coming years. He expects 5-7% earnings growth through 2024. A safety utility play in this environment. (Analysts’ price target is $58.98)