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(A Top Pick Jun 17/19, Down 4%) It is an extremely strong company within the lifecos. They have good growth in global markets. Stick with it.
(A Top Pick Jun 17/19, Down 2%) It has done very well considering the environment. They are being hurt most in the food services business. All of the grocery chains have been doing very well during the COVID crisis.
(A Top Pick Jun 17/19, Down 4%) It is one of his favourites in the group. It is the most miss-understood because they are involved in so many markets. They are well contracted and in a strong liquidity position. He would continue to hold it. He would be surprised to see a dividend cut.
It was hit very hard by COVID-19 in that a lot of partner companies were forced to shut down operations. But just recently they came out with a lot of good news. They have had a pick up in a company that offers plastic surgery in the US. Planet fitness has begun to open up, and a supplier of PPE has done very well through the pandemic. We have also seen management take some positive steps in controlling the balance sheet. They reduced the dividend and announced they will become an income trust, which he feels will be very beneficial to the company. It will give them a much better earnings profile while lowering the payout ratio. (Analysts’ price target is $14.18)
It got hit right after the COVID-19 crisis hit. But logistics had to benefit during the crisis and will continue to do so during the recovery. They are well positioned to benefit quite well. The stock has a compelling valuation. It will benefit going forward from improving economics. (Analysts’ price target is $51.15)