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(A Top Pick Dec 04/19, Up 13%) He'd buy it again. Nice value stock. Nice yield. Trading at discount to book. Would benefit from rising interest rates, which he expects. Cheaper than all the banks.
(A Top Pick Dec 04/19, Down 10%) All financials got hammered in Covid meltdown. Earnings and FMV held in as the stock price collapsed. Now seeing a strong recovery and should go quite a bit further.
(A Top Pick Dec 04/19, Down 6%) Problems bringing new mine on. Earnings forecasts going up sharply. Upside potential as measured by analysts is quite high. Trading at 40% discount to book value.
Earnings forecasts rocketing upwards. Trading at a nice discount to book value. Solid balance sheet. Nice solid value stock. Yield is 3.13%. (Analysts’ price target is $27.16)
Trading at 1.25x book value. Very nice balance sheet. Good upside potential. Yield is 0.69%. (Analysts’ price target is $17.16)