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(A Top Pick Feb 11/19, Up 4%) It is fairly representative of what happened to bank stocks in the last year. It went sideways but lost attitude. It remains good value. He wishes the cheap stocks would get going.
(A Top Pick Feb 11/19, Up 37%) Gold has leaps to go and government balance sheets are not getting any better for sure. The US president is getting more desperate to get re-elected and to would want to inject more value into the currency. Inflation is low. But cost of living in many US cities, based on a basket of goods in each city, are going ahead 8 to 10% per year.
(A Top Pick Feb 11/19, Up 0%) The market looked frothy enough last year but it turned around.
He likes the banks generally because they are really cheap and this is the cheapest of the banks that is on good technical support. He cycles out of the high ones and gets into the low ones. (Analysts’ price target is $77.07)
They are in the oil business but are not dependent on the price of oil. The stock recently had a nice setback. The pension funds sold carbon fuel stocks. It has a nice upside potential after falling to technical support. (Analysts’ price target is $122.33)