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(A Top Pick Jan 07/20, Down 17%) COVID-19 crushed this. It was trading at book value a year ago. He still likes it even though it has been painful. He is sticking with it.
(A Top Pick Jan 07/20, Up 27%) He would buy it again. It is quite cheap relative to its own long term range. He thinks it will go right back up to its former high.
(A Top Pick Jan 07/20, Down 6%) COVID-19 had as much to do with the decline as anything, he suspects. The earnings projections from a year ago have hardly budged, so the intrinsic value has held up nicely. If interest rates moved higher in the next year, the banks and other financials will get help in their profitability.
See his Past Top Picks. The stock is cheap and is close to breaking out technically. (Analysts’ price target is $24.37)
He likes the silver stocks. This stock has recently made a nice little technical break-out. If you look at the two spikes in the past decade in silver, it would suggest that this one probably has 35-45% just to get back to its highs. He suspects silver will break out to new highs and this would take it even higher. (Analysts’ price target is $11.32)