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(A Top Pick Jul 11/19, Up 61%) He has been bullish on the golds for some while and thinks you should hold a minimum of 20% in your portfolio. He continues to hold his gold stocks and they are now running close to 40% of his portfolio. He is letting them run as they have miles to go.
(A Top Pick Jul 11/19, Down 29%) He thought he would cleverly avoid oil stocks and hold a refiner instead. It did not work out as the stock let go from its book value to half that. The stock is fine he thinks.
(A Top Pick Jul 11/19, Down 16%) All the financial companies, including insurance and the banks, have been hammered. Low interest rates makes it difficult for these companies to make profit. When confronted with issues like these, the company has done a fine job to develop new sources of earnings. Their earnings are as high or higher than last year, when he recommended the stock. The stock is tremendously cheap at this level.
When prices get down to silly valuations you just have to buy. It is very, very cheap. It has been this cheap three times in the past 10 years, but the earnings just keep rising. Yield 5.86% (Analysts’ price target is $22.32)
It is coming up to 1.5 times book value. When gold was last trading at these levels, AGI was trading at $33 and trading at 4 times book. A very cheap stock in the gold space. He recommends every portfolio hold 20% gold. He views gold as a hedge against Central Bank stupidity as government balance sheets have been weakening. Yield 0.59% (Analysts’ price target is $11.31)