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(A Top Pick Mar 29/19, Up 6%) This REIT that merged with Canadian REIT. You're getting the Canadian REIT management running this. Intensification with mixed used developments in their Loblaw locations is positive. One of the premier choices.
(A Top Pick Mar 29/19, Up 24%) Gold has broken out, breaking its previous downturn. There's been a series of higher lows. There are two mines in Nunavut coming up and it has outperformed output targets in the past year.
(A Top Pick Mar 29/19, Down 8%) A small cap that specializes in wheelchair elevators in homes and vehicles. None of us are getting younger, and demand will go up. A buying opportunity. It's a long term play at a 3 to 5 year view.
It's more than doubled over the last five years. They consistently make money underwriting insurance, which is very rare. They've outperformed the industry by 6%. They bought a guarantee that will lead to appreciation. Has a 2.5% yield.
The third largest independent asset manager in Canada. They have 100B in assets. They are doing rollups now. A major French asset management entered into an agreement with them and bought 11% of National Bank's shares.