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Stockchase Research Editor: Michael O'Reilly As the market valuations continue to be priced at perfection this is a defensive Top Pick. This low MER ETF tracks US 7-10 year Treasuries -- a safe haven during market down turns. What makes this interesting as well, from an Canadian investor's perspective, is that it is priced in Canadian dollars. This will add another kicker in a market down turn as we expect a flight to the US dollar safety at some point. We would buy this with a $60 stop-loss. Yield 0%
Stockchase Research Editor: Michael O'Reilly MRK is one of the largest pharma companies in the world. It trades at a 13 PE compared to 22 PE for the S&P500. The pandemic has slowed some elective procedures, and that has slowed sales in the latest quarter by about 9%. However, management still opted to raise its 2020 guidance showing confidence that things should improve for the balance of the year. The company also has three drugs moving through various COVID-19 vaccine test trials. It pays a good yield, backed by a 58% payout ratio. We would buy this with an upper target towards $96 as the first objective and use $77 as a stop-loss. Yield 2.95% (Analysts’ price target is $95.94)
Stockchase Research Editor: Michael O'Reilly In the search for a pandemic vaccine, JNJ is a potential winner. Leveraging off their proven technology with their Ebola, HIV and other vaccines, the company continues to develop a COVID-19 vaccine that presently shows strong immunity response in 99% of trials. It is also the only option that is testing a single-dose vaccine. Revenues have dipped 10% in the latest quarterly earnings, but that can be attributed to a slow down in elective procedures. It pays a good dividend backed by a 67% payout ratio. We would trade this with a stop-loss at $132. Yield 2.75% (Analysts’ price target is $165.06)
Stockchase Research Editor: Michael O'Reilly We are being rewarded for our patience and are making MMM a Top Pick following a recent pullback in the stock. As previously reported, the maker of the N95 masks has been in the spot light as they have directly been keeping front line workers safer during the pandemic. For 2020 they expect to have produced 2 billion of the masks and continue to partner with the US Department of Defense. The company is mulling over selling the food safety business for $3.5 billion -- 10 times annual revenues of the segment. The segment contributed 1% of total sales in 2019. Their health care segment is expected to pick up as well, after seeing a 12% yoy slowdown, as delays in elective procedures are removed. It has an attractive yield that is backed by a payout ratio of 65% of cash flow. We look for this to test $185 and would use $149 as a stop-loss. Yield 3.69% (Analysts’ price target is $166.47)
(A Top Pick Aug 11/20, Down 9.3%)Stochchase Research Editor: Michael O'Reilly We have recommended to stop out of EPD as it has violated the $16.50 threshold we recommended. We see technical indications that the stock could retrace to $12. We will look for better opportunities elsewhere.