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(A Top Pick Jul 08/20, Up 11%) He's still buying it. It pulled back earlier this year due to higher freight costs so they lowered their guidance, but the growth outlook is phenomenal. Their stores perform very well, and they're trying more products above $1. They can do well in a good or bad economy. Resilient.
(A Top Pick Jul 08/20, Up 27%) He still likes it. A super compounder. Revenue came off a little due to Covid, so growth has lagged peers, but recent quarterly numbers shows growth started to pick up, due to a backlog in bookings. Cash flow remains very strong, so they can buyback shares or complete acquisitions. Likes the valuation.
(A Top Pick Jul 08/20, Up 12%) Still likes it and could be another top pick. All the utilities have been hit because bond yields have started to rise. But AQN has a strong growth profile through its capex plan, with $5B of its $9B is happening in 2021. AQN's valuation is in line with peers, but boasts a stronger growth profile. This will let AQN keep generating strong earnings even if bond yields rise.
Two profit centres are the diagnostic testing and medical devices businesses, accounting for 75% of their operating profit. He's long liked this. Last week, they announced that their Covid-testing business has fallen off with the reopening, so shares sold off. But he sees long-term growth. It trades below 23x earnings in line with peers and market. ABT is defensive with strong growth. Offers good US exposure to healthcare. (Analysts’ price target is $123.33)
It's exposed to western Canada, an unloved asset class, but the valuation is very attractive and the new CEO has a new plan to flexibly invest in private and public real estate. This combination is great. The dividend pays over 5%, so you're paid to wait. The CEO has a track record restructuring asset. Artis trades at a 25% discount to NAV.