Ian Fung
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Vice-president and portfolio manager at
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(A Top Pick Jun 06/19, Up 23%) A maker of computer software for chip manufacturing. They are benefiting from the trend of more AI, cloud and autonomous driving. Chips are getting more complex and the need for software is increasing. He liked their recent earnings report. A time to add to a position.
(A Top Pick Jun 06/19, Up 18%) One of the largest consulting companies in the world. He liked how they have evolved in areas like digital innovation, cloud applications and security. It is a lower multiple way of playing the space, although they are a little smaller than their competitors. They operate from government to financial services and communications. He is still very bullish.
(A Top Pick Jun 06/19, Up 12%) They are financial services software for compliance. He likes their recurring revenue. As there is much consolidation going on in the industry, there is a need for increased efficiencies and their products provide that. They had an earnings stumble last summer, but it has since recovered after changing out some key management personnel.
A past Top Pick. He likes how they are positioned for their software integrity and testing. As semi-conductor chips are becoming more complex their software is growing in demand. They are insulated from any shocks like in China as he expects companies to continue to funnel money into R&D. Yield 0% (Analysts’ price target is $175.17)
One of the largest home improvement dealers and a play on the health of the US housing market and low interest rates. Household formation is still increasing and there will always be a need for home repairs. Yield 2.22% (Analysts’ price target is $240.59)