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(A Top Pick May 30/19, Up 2%) They had an okay Q2. Office was strong, but the retail side was weak. But they will continue to buy back shares. Wait for the investor day in late September to hear about how much they're spending on a new development and what they'll do about closing the 33% discount to NAV. Yields over 7% that they grow 5% a year.
(A Top Pick May 30/19, Up 7%) A Euro play in Germany and Holland. Their Q2: the German office market remains strong. They can continue to tap the European markets where interest rates are negative, a competitive advantage to North America; trades at 22% discount to NAV that managers want to shrink. Yields 5.5%.
(A Top Pick May 30/19, Up 12%) A play on the strong US industrial market. They enjoyed double-digit growth on their leasing. They raised 2019 guidance. US industrial fundamentals remain strong with vacancies at 7%. They have a solid development pipeline.
Is a global industrial landlord in North America and Europe. The new CEO is doing well, likes him. CEO is transitioning the assets into a high-quality industrial portfolio, slashing exposure to Magna about 97% from 5 years ago. Has an underlevered balance sheet, only 20% debt, and $1 billion in liquidity. YTD, they have spent that amount in acquisitions. She expects double-digit earnings growth. Pays a 4.4% yield. (Analysts’ price target is $68.11)
The 2nd-biggest single-family rental REIT in America, a sector that's expected to outperform, given low supply and pent-up demand--and lack of affordable housing. Share price trades in line with its NAV. (Analysts’ price target is $27.04)