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(A Top Pick Jan 13/20, Up 21%) A Danish company specializing in incontinence and other medical products. A good defensive holding. They are expecting to cut revenues by 4-6%, but their margins are remaining strong as they commit to cut costs.
(A Top Pick Jan 13/20, Down 41%) An industrial company selling into the oil and gas and agriculture sectors. At the end of the day, people will still need to eat. As a small cap company it has been more volatile. This adds some diversification when recovery comes.
(A Top Pick Jan 13/20, Down 13%) They sell about 10% of their revenue from the oil and gas sector, but the majority comes from the insurance space. They offer a service that helps insurance companies price risk. Over the long term, they will do fine.
He has held this since 2015 -- a defensive consumer staple. They have over 2 million customers. They operate around the world. This means some of their businesses will be rolling out of the down turn sooner than being just in North America. They are into food and beverages, home care and beauty care -- all the necessities of life. They dividend has grown by 10% annually. Yield 3.63%.
The work from home trend will allow them to get through this successfully. During the last financial crisis they managed to continue to grow and he expects that to happen again. They issued shares back in February, which allowed them to raise cash and likely maintain the dividend. A qqulity company you can hold for the long term. Yield 5.38% (Analysts’ price target is $26.69)