Brett Girard, CPA, CA, CFA
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CFO and Portfolio Manager at
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(A Top Pick Oct 28/19, Down 2%) It's been only three months since he picked this. It remains his bank of choice in North America. Their US retail segment is their strongest (vs. their Canadian retail and Canadian corporate). So, they have three horses in the race. The best Canadian bank; you need to hold just one.
(A Top Pick Oct 28/19, Up 17%) It's up 52% in the past year, but $10,000 returned over 30 years is now $2.3 million!
(A Top Pick Oct 28/19, Up 9%) They certify household goods, electronics, cars, food products, items that we all own. It is recession-proof. A UK company, they've benefitted from Brexit; they have a lot of international revenues, and the UK pound has fallen.
A Danish healthcare company that focuses on wound care, skin care, digestion and other areas. Smart managers continue to focus on R&D--he likes that. Since 2015, they've increased clinical studies by 2.5x and patents by 10x. They've spent free cash flow very well. Revenues have grown 9% annually even during the Great Recession. (Analysts’ price target is $10.74)
They supply data-analytics to insurers. They have 90% of the P&C insurance industry as customers; and will continue to build that database of information. (Analysts’ price target is $161.73)